Hello, I'm

Matthias Zabiegly

a senior 3d artist based in Munich / Germany who‘s been working at Aixsponza for over a decade now. I‘m pretty good in getting things done in time and in a way that doesn‘t drive people crazy. Therefore in the past few years I shifted more and more to the role of directing my own projects within Aixsponza, leading teams, supervising on set and managing production.

As a generalist I get to do a little of everything, but when it comes to favorite areas I‘d say my strong points lie in shading, lighting and look dev. And I enjoy being on stage, giving presentations and workshops.

Pretty much all of my work can be found at Aixsponzas webpresence so I neglected updating my own web gallery more and more. That‘s why I simply killed it. Sorry ‚bout that.

Get in touch.